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Sintra Board/PVC

Banners and Posters

A low cost way to make a powerful statement.

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From custom commercial business signs and banners, advertising products, trade show booths, box signs, channel letters, neon, custom graphics and logos to printing flyers, business cards, t shirts and more.

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Gator Board is a material similar to Foam Board with a dense, durable foam sandwiched between two smooth, moisture-resistant layers that help form a rigid board that is resistant to bending, warping and denting. Gator Board's exceptionally rigid surface and quality make it the mounting board of choice for photographers. It makes an ideal backing for paper or vinyl printed products that are lighter than Sintra Board, but tougher than conventional Foam Board.

Foam Board

Foam Board is a thin piece of foam sandwiched between two smooth sheets of paper making a lightweight, rigid product. Foam Board Posters are perfect for a wide variety of purchase and artwork displays. The surface is excellent for printing, die cutting, and mounting photos, prints and artwork.

Business Cards and Printing

We can print your completed design or help you design your own unique custom creation.

Corplast Signs

Glossary and FAQ's

We'll help you learn about business printing and basics.

Corplast Signs are perfect for inexpensive outdoor advertising such as an upcoming garage sale, real estate signs or election campaigns. Corplast is extremely durable because it is waterproof and resistant to stains and most chemicals.

An "H" frame stake will hold up to 1/4" thick sign substrates. H-Frame stakes are the perfect accessory for Corplast corrugated sheeting. They fit right into the flutes to make a rigid sign which can easily be placed in the ground.

mall signs

Custom aluminum metal signs have a perfectly smooth finish and project a first class image. Aluminum is strong, light-weight and among the most durable of all sign materials as well as cost effective. Aluminum is in high demand for its unbeatable qualities. Plus, a custom aluminum sign can never rot or deteriorate like a standard wooden sign.

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Sintra Board is a durable PVS sheet material and is ideal for strong, long-lasting indoor or outdoor displays because of it's UV resistant, lightweight and moisture-resistant characteristics. Sintra Board Posters are great for exhibit booths, models, displays, indoor/outdoor signs and photo mounting.

Zepp Signs caters to malls with specialized signage for all needs. We are experts at standard sized mall posters, identity logos and entranceways. Great for food courts, barricades, window clings, banners, menu systems and more!

AluminuM signs

Styrene is a smooth, lightweight, plastic sheet material that is less than 1/16" thick. Styrene is not affected by variations in moisture content, making it stable, flat and warp free. It can be used indoor or outdoor, but is not recommended for long-time exposure to the sun. This material is perfect for long-lasting indoor display of your custom graphics in bold vibrant colors. We offer a gloss or matte finish for extra protection and outstanding visual performance.

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backlit Signs

Backlit Film is a thin, clear vinyl material that is ideal for displays that will be seen during the day or at night. Zepp Signs  prints your advertisement directly on this film with bright vibrant colors. Soft lights are then used behind the film in applications such as mall displays or mobile backlit advertising for a dynamic way of displaying your graphic designs.

Gator Board